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    This product was added to our catalog on Monday 02 January, 2017.

    Starter Kit - Tacia Duarte

    R$159,30 R$177,00

    Starter kit for students of the online sculpture classes of Tacia Duarte at the website Tacia Duarte - ToyArt<== Link

    Save money buying this kit.

    Kit consisting of:
    1 x AA3 - Set with 3 loop tools for small details
    1 x Dental Tools - Dycal Applicator
    1 x Dental Tool - Spatula 60
    1 x Dental Tools - Spatula 7
    1 x Double Side Needle Tip Tool
    1 x Polymer Clay PVClay - Gray - 1lb (Firm) or Translucent White - 1lb (either one that is available when closing the order)
    1 x Polymer Clay PVClay - Light Skin - 1lb
    1 x Steel spheres for eyes

    Learn how to Sculpt Unique Humanized Faces of Your Favorite Characters.

    TOY ART EXPERT is a complete training that teaches an organized and intelligent step-by-step technic to Sculpt Humanized and Look Alike Faces of your favorite characters.

    If you have difficulty creating Realistic Faces with true similarity or have no idea how to start your first character, in this course you will learn the 6 fundamental steps to model any type of Face starting from scratch!

    Even without modeling experience, I'll help you get ready to take full advantage of an online course with guaranteed learning!

    There are more than 200 didactic videos with practical and super detailed classes to facilitate your learning.

    We’ll create together the 5 characters from the movie "The Vingadore (™)" in the Toy Art style.

    Thor, Iron Man, Hulk, Captain America, Black Widow.

    For each character we will model the face of the actor of the film, hair, uniforms, accessories and finish with a Hyper Realistic Professional Painting (only using brushes).

    Book Your Application to Turn Your Hobby into Professional Work!


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